Maybe I'm back...we will see.

I might soon have better things than just "Well, I'm still looking for a job."

I found one. I am the Volunteer Coordinator for a homeless shelter called Our House.

Basically I get to participate in all kinds of things working with homeless men, women and families.

Thank you Father, you provide abundantly. Help me serve and love as you have loved.


A day of rest...

Cornerstone ended for us yesterday at 11:30 p.m. and the next show started for us this morning at 9:00, which includes a 7 hour drive...This meant we were exhausted today. We all took a nap from 2 to 7:30, which was glorious.

Cornerstone was pretty dang awesome. I got to see a lot of bands that I have been waiting to see for a while. I made a top 5 list of favorite shows.
1. Paper Route-they are one of my favorite bands and embodied everything I want to be in a band.
2. Over the Rhine- jazz is so close to my heart and these people did it well. Also the drummer played this amazing solo that included blowing a breaker and him continuing the solo until it came back on.
3. Questions In Dialect- They played a great set that included a theramin, ridiculous rhythms, and perfect grooves.
4. Foxhole- instrumental and creative with a trumpet as the front man.
5. Rosie Thomas- cute and funny
5. The Myriad- They were great although they change the same story everytime they play to include a body of water close to where they are playing.
Leeland might have made the list but they were way too "pro" with their in ear monitors and ridiculous (40 minute long sound check) requests.

It was just a great time to meet some great people, share fun stories, make new ones, sleep under the stars, not shower for a week, hear some great music, be encouraged, be challenged, be frustrated, and grow closer to some friends.

Father make us intruments of your peace, love, and justice. May we embody a glimpse of who you are to the unbelieving world. Help us to wash the feet of those we encounter and learn to be one as You are one. Forgive us, wash us clean, because we are in desparate need of being washed.


Day 4

Well, we have gone from Nashvegas, where we played in the smallest place I have ever been (we played on a stage about the size of my bed) to Owensboro, where we got to hang out with some very nice people and eat some very good pizza, to Alton where we played to a church of about 7, but got to see one of the cutest little kids in the history of children to the Super 8 motel where I now sit to write this. We are on our way to Cornerstone which will be the pinnacle of our trip out. I am pretty excited about it. I think it will prove to be very beneficial for me as a person and a believer. I will get to spend some quality time with fellow followers and hopefully get to be encouraged by many other people doing the same things that we are out to do.

Pray that we get to be encouraged and also get to encourage those of like faith, pray that we also will encounter those who do not know of the One we serve.

There is a fountain, may our sins be washed away.


Day one

Well, tomorrow is the day...We leave for Nashville in the morning. Tonight was very encouraging because we all got together (by all I mean a bunch of Epochites and Seanites) and prayed for one anothers ministries and had some food and hung out. It was just good to see the body of Christ in all of its different gifting come together and support each other. Some were called to travel, some were called to stay and pastor a church, some were called to work in a regular job, and we even remembered those who were called overseas. Its crazy how the body takes on so many forms to bring in the Kingdom. May it come in its fullness!

Oh, we also played Bocci Ball!! It was a good time. Bocci ball is a game that I played once with some Bristonites/The Voiceites [depending on what phase of it that happened] And have never forgotten it.

I really want a new tattoo...all in favor say, "yay" and all opposed, "nay."

Pray for the show...our first of this leg. Pray that it goes smoothly, that people show up, and that we can be a light in what might be a dark place. Pray that we may show people a Savior and a Kingdom that they cant help but want to be a part of. Pray that we seek honest relationships without just wanting to shove a 3 step program down their face. Pray that we may be humbled and our great Savior will be made much of.

Thank you great Heavenly Father for your faithfulness and provision. Give us this day our daily bread , and forgive us of our trespasses.


It is currently 8:00 in the morning on a Saturday although weekends are the same as weekdays for me now since I no longer have a job to wake up for. I have been up since 6:00 this morning though. I also couldn't fall asleep until 2:00 last night because I had one of those "your mind wont stop for a dang minute to let you sleep" nights. I have to go help a friend move into a new house in about an hour and 45 minutes though so things are on the up and up, maybe Daniel and Grant will wake up soon and come play with me...doubtful though. I kinda hate those sorts of nights that all you want to do is sleep to get your mind off the things that plauge your thoughts by day, but they just wont stop. I have been undergoing a large amount of change lately which has kinda rocked my world. It has led to basically a complete nubbing out of most all feeling. Its pretty annoying actually. I just dont feel things lately, and then when I try to feel things I get pissed that I have to try to feel and then think I'm just faking it so it isnt worth it anyways. In short, its caused alot of confusion and alot of hurt, I would like it to go away [or is it come back?] That why I'm posting right now, but also we got a more finalized tour schedule...

Good news and bad news....tour is shorter than I thought, but we get to go out a few seperate times.

First leg:
6-22 Nashville, TN
6-23 Owensboro, KY
6-24 Alton, IN
6-25-30 Cornerstone in Illinois
7-1 Omaha, NE (at a church)
7-2 Omaha, NE (http://www.omahafoundry.com/The_Foundry.html)
7-3 Kansas City or Fayetteville
7-4 Russellville, AR

Second leg:
7-16-19 Sarasota, FL
7-21- Jackson, MS

There might be a third leg in there too in August.

You are everything that is bright and clean,
And youre covering me with your majesty.
The truest sign of grace was this:
From wounded hands, redemption filled them, liberating man.

We are wounded still from the fall, we are in desperate need of redemption, free us...we shall be free...[Harps, not Garth]


Our benefit show

Ok, the day started with me having my last day of work. As excited as I was to start this new phase of my life it was much more bittersweet to leave that place than I thought it would be. I made some friends and actually had a good experience there. My bittersweet feelings werent enough to make me stay though, so were going on the road. We leave the 22nd to go to Nashville. But, anyway, after work I went to get set up for the show. It was a pretty good night. We had alot of people show up, had Larry's Pizza sponsor us, which meant all you can eat pizza for me, got to listen to the amazingly talented Plu, hilarious Futuro Boots, and the incredibly entertaining Jukeboxx Baggett. Here are a few pictures:

Thanks so very much to all of you who came. I would kiss you all if I could but I'm sure someone has some weird disease.

Collective needs:
Pray that as we go we can make relationships with those we come in contact with, can help meet their needs even above our own, be put in situations that all we have available to rely on is his Spirit, and that all of our shows would line up.

Personal needs:
Drastic changes are happening for me and pray that I rely fully on the hope of the cross and the power that comes from becoming a slave to Christ, pray that I am able to love and able to serve in a drought. That his gospel of peace and hope is enough for me and that I dont hang on to the fleeting things of the world.

In the spirit of the end of every set we play and of my brothers across the pond...there truly is a fountain where we can lose all our guilty stains.

Peace be with you all.


Nothing goes...

"As you go, preach this message: 'The kingdom of heaven is near.' Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. Do not take along any gold or silver or copper in your belts; take no bag for the journey, or extra tunic, or sandals or a staff; for the worker is worth his keep." Matt 10:7-10

May your message of hope, healing, freedom, and peace be sufficient for me. May I be sustained with the hope of the resurrection and and the promise of a restored kingdom, a restored garden.